Dutch PM to visit Groningen to discuss gas mining, earthquakes

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is visiting Groningen next week Friday to discuss gas extraction and the problem the province has with fracking earthquakes. His schedule includes meetings with mayors, provincial managers, residents foundation Groninger Bodem Beweging and the Groninger Gasberaad, NU.nl reports.

The agenda of topics to be discussed includes the settlement of damage claims and the new claim protocol,  preventing earthquake damage, strengthening homes and other buildings and the role of the government in all these matters. He will also receive a petition against gas extraction in the province. Groningen comedian Freek de Jonge gathered over 200 thousand signatures for the petition

The visit is largely directed and arranged by the Groningen commissioner of the King René Paas, after Rutte indicated that he wants to talk to the people affected by fracking earthquakes.

The last time Rutte talked about gas extraction in the province, was on talk show Pauw en Jinek in March. He was overwhelmed by a group of furious Groningen residents booing him from the audience. The Prime Minister said he understands the residents' anger and frustration, and called the gas extraction a 'nightmare'. 


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