Blood donor, 69, tapped out after giving 333 liters of blood

Blood donatio (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vegasjon)Blood donatio (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vegasjon)

After a total of 513 donations and giving 333 liters of blood, Limburg man Frans Hollander is retiring. He donated blood for the last time on Monday, L1 reports.

At the age of 69, Hollander from Rijkholt was forced to retire. According to Dutch rules, you can't be a donor after the age of 70. This age limit is intended to protect the donor, as many elderly people aren't able to donate blood. 

Hollander would've liked to continue for another few years. "It's little effort to help sick people this way. And it's nice here", he said to L1. 

Hollander managed his high number of donations by donating both blood and plasma. You can only donate blood five times a year, but blood plasma can be donated every 14 days. 


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