Missing toddler found asleep behind garbage bin after massive search operation

An adventurous toddler caused quite an uproar in Barneveld on Saturday evening when he disappeared from home. Hundreds of local residents, police helicopters and sniffer dogs searched in vain for the 2-year-old boy, who was later found napping behind a garbage bin less than 30 meters from his home, Omroep Gelderland reports.

It seems the boy wandered away from home. He was found buy a neighbor, who lives across the street.

The neighbor was quietly watching television, and completely missed the commotion of 500 people, police and dogs searching for the boy. At one point he noticed that his broom had fallen over by the garbage bin. Outside he noticed something between the wall and the bin. "So I stuck my hand in as far as I could and there I felt something and said: hey, a boy", he said to the broadcaster.

The toddler woke up at the neighbor's touch and immediately started crying. The neighbor picked him up and took him home.