Nearly 1,500 Dutch cops investigated for integrity violations

Police Reports
The police reports

Over the past year the National Police conducted 1,473 integrity investigations against police officers. A total of 126 officers were dismissed or suspended based on the results of such investigations, the Telegraaf reports based on figures requested from the corps leadership.

According to the police, the high number of investigations can partly be attributed to a changed way of registering them. 348 of the investigations area still ongoing. One of the cops investigated was caught having webcam sex with a woman pretending to be a 17-year-old girl while on duty. Another was suspected of tipping off criminals before raids.

19 officers were dismissed because of alcohol or drug use. 18 were dismissed for leaking or misusing police data. 16 were fired for unwanted behavior such as intimidation or discrimination. And 15 were fired for abusing the police procedures.

Police officers are now also better monitored on their search behavior on the police systems after cop Mark M. was arrested on suspicion of selling confidential information about open cases to criminals. M. is currently standing trial. Earlier this month he told the court that he searched the police systems as a 'hobby', like other people spend their time on social media sites.