Laptop ban on flights to U.S. is unsafe: Dutch pilots assoc.

The United States' plan to ban laptops and tablets on flights to America is unsafe, according Dutch pilots association VNV. If the U.S. has its way, laptops and tablets will only be allowed in the cargo area of a plane. But according to the VNV, this forms a great danger of lithium batteries catching fire. "That has happened in the past. Such a fire can not be extinguished, because the crew can't reach the cargo area during a flight", Joost van Doesburg of the VNV said to NOS.

The U.S. authorities are afraid that electronics filled with explosives will be snuck onto flights. The country already banned laptops and tablets in passenger areas of flights from eight countries in the Middle East. The expectation is that this ban will be extended to include European flights within the next few days.

According to Van Doesburg, it looks like American president Donald Trump didn't consider the consequences of this anti-terrorist measure he is implementing. An explosive can also detonate in the cargo area of a plane, after all. "He is introducing a new terrorist threat plus a huge risk while flying. In short, this 'solution' seems to be a greater danger than the actual risk."