Fmr. Amsterdam school principal suspected in student child pornography case

Het 4e Gymnasium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/FaceMePLS)Het 4e Gymnasium (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/FaceMePLS)

Hans V., former principal of Amsterdam school 4e Gymnasium, is in court on Friday facing charges of possession of large amounts of child pornography. According to the Public Prosecutor, V. photoshopped footage of his students onto existing pornography, thereby creating new material. The footage of his students he got by secretly making recordings in the school corridors and classrooms, Het Parool reports.

The Prosecutor believes that V. edited pornographic footage in this way for many years. Among the self-manufactured footage, photos of pupils of the Vossius Gymnasium - where V. worked before starting the 4e Gymnasium - were also found. According to the Prosecutor, some of the footage dates from 2005. 

When V. was discovered in 2015 the police found a massive amount of child pornography in his possession - over 34 thousand photographs and 2,800 videos. There were about 300 photos and videos V. edited with footage of his students. He left the 4e Gymnasium after the police discovered him.

The school is now claiming about 180 thousand euros in damages from V. A number of his students also want compensation.