Univ. Amsterdam to let part-time students pay per subject, instead of annual tuition

The University of Amsterdam is launching a test run in allowing part-time students to pay tuition per subject they take, instead of paying for a whole year. The University believes that this will be ideal for motivated students who don't have time to attend university full time because they also work, take care of a family member, have their own business or have to do an internship, Het Parool reports.

This trial will run for six years. The University of Utrecht and Tilburg University are also participating. This year 400 UvA students can participate. The trial will cover a limited number of courses and no more than 20 percent of students in a subject may be a so-called flex-student. Students can register to be part of the trial from May 8th. This plan was devised by student union LSVb two years ago and adopted through a motion from the PvdA and VVD. 

The cost per study point will amount to 38.45 euros, based on the annual tuition of 2,006 euros divided by 60 points you can earn in one year. Flex students will pay 15 percent more per study point for administrative costs. 

To qualify for becoming a flex student you must already have a propaedeutic diploma and must already be a UvA student. From next year students from other universities will also be able to apply. Once you're registered as a flex student, you will be a flex student for the entire academic year. You must pay for at least one subject, even if you don't take anything. 

The Hoogeschool van Amsterdam initially planned to also take part in this trial, but later withdrew because it found that its subjects can't be offered separately.