Motorist crashes into Helmond man's living room

Car crashes into living room on Rijnlaan, Helmond, 27 Apr 2017
Car crashes into living room on Rijnlaan, Helmond, 27 Apr 2017Photo: @vnoge / Twitter

A car crashed into the living room of a house on Rijnlaan in Helmond just after noon on King's Day, while the resident was sitting in the room. The resident escaped without serious injury, the driver was slightly wounded, AD reports.

According to the newspaper, the driver - an elderly woman - wanted to turn into Dinkelstraat from Rijnlaan, but instead drove straight ahead. Resident Frank van Elten was sitting in the living room, listening to music. He glanced up through the window. "I saw a car coming at high speed and the vehicle was coming closer. He did not brake and I thought to myself 'this is going wrong'." he said to the newspaper. Van Elten jumped up onto the couch and pressed his back against the wall, as far away from the window as he could reach. The car crashed into the house, ending up in the living room.

"I was really lucky that I looked outside just at the right moment. That was really pure coincidence, but gave me chance to respond." Van Elten said to AD. Van Elten only sustained minor cuts and wounds on his hands and face from flying glass.

The elderly driver was taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries. "I find this horrible for the woman. I'm not angry with her either, she did not do it on purpose and may have had a blackout." Van Elten said.


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