Turn on "Find My Phone" apps for King's Day says police pickpocket investigators

Beware of Pickpockets (Photo: Paris 16/Wikimedia Commons). (Beware of Pickpockets (Photo: Paris 16/Wikimedia Commons))

The Dutch police are calling on all King's Day celebrators to turn on the "Find My Phone" app on their smart phones, to make it easier for the police to track down pickpockets should a phone be stolen. Also make sure that you know the login details for the app, the police said in a statement. 

As at previous large events, the Amsterdam police deployed a special team specifically for tracking down pickpockets. Should you fall victim to a pickpocket in Amsterdam and Amstelland today, the team is ready to help you track down and retrieve your phone. 

The Amsterdam police already arrested five pickpockets during King's Night. They were all caught stealing a phone the police specially prepared with track- and trace software for this occasion. The suspects are between the ages of 16 and 27 and come from Algeria, the Czech Republic, Libya and Amsterdam.