King's Night arrests see slight rise with dry weather; Cops: "No major incidents"

The Live I Live festival on King's Night in The Hague, 26 Apr 2017
The Live I Live festival on King's Night in The Hague, 26 Apr 2017Photo: @MrAcelZ / Twitter

The weather on King's Night was cold and dry, but revelers managed to stay cozy. In the big Dutch cities Wednesday night was busy and jovial, and there were no major disturbances at any of the festivities, RTL Nieuws reports.

Amsterdam was very busy, despite the fact that no large outside events were organized. Only smaller events were allowed. According to the Amsterdam police, more arrests were made than usual, but the night was relatively calm. "Here and there were some incidents and there were more arrests than on an average Saturday, but nothing disturbing", a spokesperson said to the broadcaster.

In The Hague the annual festival The Life I Live attracted some 200 thousand visitors, with bands performing throughout the city. "It was a very good edition and it tastes like more", organizer Arthur Pronk said after the event ended at 1:00 a.m. A spokesperson for The Hague police confirmed that there were no major incidents. Except for a few minor disturbances in the city center, there was a good atmosphere. "There were six arrests, but that's no different than on an average party night on the weekend."

The flea market in Utrecht started out really busy, but quieted down after the parties ended around 1:00 a.m. Utrecht implemented "silent night", which means no loud music is allowed in the city until 11:00 a.m. According to the police, it was a quiet night. "It went well and there were no incidents", a spokesperson said to RTL.