Fertility doc who tricked patients with his sperm dead; Donor kids demand DNA test

Parents and kids born from donors at former fertility clinic Bijdorp Medical Center in Barendrecht want the court to order that a DNA sample be taken from now deceased doctor Jan Karbaat. They want the DNA to find out for sure whether Karbaat was the donor who fathered the kids, AD reports.

The parents and children were involved in a lawsuit against Karbaat. He died a month before the case went to trial. 

Karbaat was a doctor at the Bijdorp Medical Center in Barendrecht. The Healthcare Inspectorate closed the clinic in 2009 because its files and records were not in order. Last year it was revealed that the clinic's donor data was a particular problem. According to the newspaper, there are also strong indications that Karbaat himself was a donor at the clinic and fathered several children. A number of donor mothers think their children show "great similarities in appearance" with the man.

The clinic is also suspected of violating the rule that states a donor can father no more than six children.