Parents calling Amsterdam schools get escort service instead

Parents trying to call their kids in sick at two Amsterdam schools were stunned when they were connected with a sex worker booking service instead of school administrators. The staff at the Amsterdam Lyceum and the Montessori Lyceum secondary schools think the switch is the result of a prank by students celebrating the coming end of the academic year, AT5 reported

Those using online search engines to find the schools' phone numbers were given the number for Heaven Escorts starting around April 12. The owner of Heaven Escorts did not find the prank particularly funny. "We are just a legal company and we do not want any problems," he told AT5.

"In the morning I get phone calls from parents who report their children ill or want to plan a parent talk. Exam questions are also in between", he told the Amsterdam broadcaster. 

The escort service contacted the schools about the problem and is considering pressing charges.

The rector of Amsterdam Lyceum sees the issue more light heartedly. "It's a joke. We laugh about it and move on", he said to AT5. He tried to contact Google to change the phone number back, but getting in touch with the internet giant is "almost impossible".

"A sex date with an escort [at] home in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands?" the racy company advertises on its website. "Heaven Escort has the largest selection of escorts in Netherlands and has a nationwide coverage."

Neither the company nor the schools mentioned the prank on their respective websites.