Dutch MEP wants to scrap Daylight Saving Time; Clocks move forward this weekend

Dutch European Parliamentarian Annie Schreijer-Pierik is handing a petition to stop Daylight Savings Time to European Commissioner Violeta Bulc. On Sunday the Netherlands and other EU countries are setting their clocks one hour ahead.

The petition was organized by Dutch woman Anouk Verhaaff and signed by over 20 thousand people, Trouw reports. Schreijer is pleased with the number of signatures. The petition will be handed over to Bulc because she is busy with a study on the costs and benefits of Daylight Saving Time. The results are expected in October.

In 2001 the rules for Daylight Saving Time became part of European legislation. The Netherlands can therefore not decide itself to simply stop adjusting its clocks. Schreijer hopes that the European Commission will decide to change the law.