Tax advisors accused in €2.7 million fraud case; five arrested

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A number of tax advisors are suspects in a fraud case involving 2.7 million euros, the Tax authorities' investigative department FIOD announced on Tuesday. Five suspects were arrested. Their identities were not disclosed, ANP reports.

Over the past two weeks the FIOD raided seven offices and homes in Stein, Holten, Hoorn, Purmerend, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and Wezep. Computers and files were seized as well as bank accounts, cars, houses and cash. A massive 180 thousand euros in cash was found in one advisor's home. The origin of the money is under investigation.

According to the FIOD, the tax advisors added fake deductions, such as medical expenses and gifts, on their customers' tax returns. In some cases, forged documents were used. The Tax authorities sent letters to about 3 thousand customers to verify that the tax return was actually correct.

"Ultimately everyone remains responsible for his tax return, even if there is a middleman", a spokesperson for FIOD said, according to the news wire. "That means that many taxpayers have to repay the overpaid amount. If a return seems too good to be true, then in many cases it is."