Missing Dutch snowboarder found dead two weeks after avalanche in French Alps

An avalanche in progress
An avalanche in progress. dahu1 / Wikimedia Commons

The body of a missing snowboarder from Nijmegen was found on Sunday, almost two weeks after he was buried by an avalanche in the French Alps. He and two friends were on March 7th while on a skiing vacation with a group of other Nijmegen students. The bodies of the other two victims were te avalanche.

Marcus Schlatmann, director of the ski resort in the French Valfrejus, confirmed that the third victim's body was found to NU.nl. Two guards went out searching on their own initiative after the area got some rain. "The rain made holes in the snow", Schlatmann said. "They therefore hoped that the victim could be found, and the dog actually did it."

The body was recovered by the police, according to the newspaper. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the victim's family.

A special service was held for the three young men, age 21, 22 and 25, at the Maranatha Church in Nijmegen on Sunday.