Dutch politician's killer gets 8 years for euthanasia revenge killing

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Bart van U. was sentenced on appeal to 8 years in prison and institutionalized psychiatric care for the murders of politician Els Borst and his sister Lois. The sentence given by the court in The Hague on Thursday is equal to what the Public Prosecutor demanded. 

Last year Van U. was only sentenced to institutionalized psychiatric care for these murders. The court declared him insane. Van U. confessed to both murders. He said he killed his sister because she bullied him his entire life and that he had enough when she offered him a cookie that she knew he didn't like. In the murder of Els Borst, Van U. claimed that he was on a divine mission to kill those responsible for the euthanasia law. 

The Public Prosecutor appealed against the initial ruling. The prosecutor believes that Van U. has severely diminished responsibility, but is not completely insane. The prosecutor also argued that Van U. killed the two women in extremely violent ways - both died of numerous stab wounds. 

The court in The Hague ruled n favor of the Public Prosecutor and found Van U. guilty of manslaughter.