Wilders hoping for terrorist attack before elections: Limburg politician

Hans van Wageningen

According to Hans van Wageningen, D66 States member in Limburg, PVV leader Geert Wilders is hoping for a terrorist attack in the Netherlands shortly before the election on March 15th. "He hopes for an attack just before the election and that he'll be sitting plush in The Hague when the smoke clears", he said on Twitter on Wednesday night.

Van Wageningen referred to a photoshopped photo of D66 leader Alexander Pechtold standing among supposedly radical Muslims. According to him, Wilders and others are now following a strategy "previously used by Hitler and not so long ago by Serbian leader Milosevic". "For Wilders the strategy can be beneficial, but for the Netherlands it will end just as badly as for Germany in 1945 and Yugoslavia in 1991."

When asked about the tweet, Van Wageningen told newspaper AD that he is warning against radicalization. 

Wilders responded on Twitter: "Yuck yuck. What a sick D66 spirit."


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