CDA treasurer denies involvement in major drug lab

Drug lab found in property on Hoogeindseweg in Leende, 23 Feb 2017
Drug lab found in property on Hoogeindseweg in Leende, 23 Feb 2017. (Photo: Politie)

CDA treasurer in Leende Wim van der P. denies that he is involved with a major drug lab discovered in a warehouse at his home last week. On Wednesday the 51-year-old man said that he rented the warehouse out and that he is just as shocked and surprised by the discovery of the drug lab as everyone else, ANP reports.

The drug lab was discovered in a warehouse on the Van der P. family's property last week Thursday. The police described it as one of the largest ever found in the Netherlands. Before the police dismantled it, it was capable of producing 100 kilos of speed and 150 kilos of ecstasy per day. 

As the residents of the property, Wim van der P., his wife and their 18-year-old son were all arrested. The wife and son were released on Wednesday because their role in the drug factory seems to be limited. They are still considered suspects. Van der P. is still in custody. He is facing charges of complicity in aiding and abetting the production of synthetic drugs.

Van der P.'s lawyer acknowledged what it looks like, but pointed out that there are various buildings and warehouses on the property that are rented out. In some cases there is a lease agreement, in others not. She added that the other tenants and neighbors did not notice anything suspicious around the drug lab and that the police had to do a thorough search before they found it. It is therefore possible that Van der P. did not know about it. 

The board of the CDA faction Heeze Leende Sterksel suspended Van der P. as treasurer.