Politician accuses Dutch doctors of discriminating against ethnic minorities

Tunahan Kuzu
Tunahan Kuzu. (Photo: DENK / Facebook)

DENK leader Tunahan Kuzu accused Dutch doctors of discriminating against people with a non-Western background. In a live stream on Facebook Kuzu said on Wednesday that the Dutch healthcare system is quicker to pull the plug on elderly immigrants, AD reports.

According to Kuzu, he heard this from a number of medical specialists. "These doctors have seen that the plug is pulled more quickly in older people with an immigrant background than in people without this background", the Dutch-Turkish politician said. 

Kuzu attributes this partly to the language barrier. "If a doctor gives instructions to blink your eyes and the patient does not understand this and therefore does not perform the task, they say that there is no sense anymore."

The DENK party leader called this appalling and promised to work on it. 


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Geplaatst door DENK op Woensdag 22 februari 2017