Largest solar farm opens in Netherlands; to power 10,000 homes

The Netherlands' largest solar farm officially opened on Thursday. The farm in Delfzijl consists of some 123 thousand solar panels and can produce 30 megawatts of power. It is expected to power some 10,000 homes, reports.

The solar park is called Sunport Delfzijl is about as large as 65 football fields. It took German group Wirsol about a year to build. 

Sunport Delfzijl surpassed the Ameland solar park (6 megawatt) as the biggest solar park in the Netherlands. Though as more funding becomes available for sustainable energy, it is not expected to hold that title for more than a few years.

A planned solar farm in Zeeland, which will consist of 140 thousand solar panels, recently received a subsidy. And a Friesland company received a subsidy to place 320 thousand solar panels in Hoogezand, Groningen. With an output of 103 megawatts, this solar farm would be able to provide nearly 30 thousand households with sustainable energy.