Thirty WWII bombs to be dismantled near Schiphol

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in 2006. (photo: Shirley de Jong / Wikimedia)

The safe detonation of some 30 WWII era bombs will start in a field in Rijsenhout, near Schiphol airport, on Monday. Many explosives are found in the Rijsenhout area as the Germans constructed a mock airfield there during the Second World War to divert attention from Schiphol, Het Parool reports.

A total of 30 bombs were recently found in the area. Four have already been detonated. In the coming weeks explosive experts will set off two more bombs per day. If all goes to plan, the last bomb will be dismantled on January 25th.

The Haarlemmermeer municipality does not expect this dismantling to cause any problems to local residents. ""Most bombs will be detonated in special ditches on a remote field", a spokesperson for the mayor said to the newspaper. "Some smaller bombs will be dismantled at the site."