Utrecht man shot to death tied to drug trafficking, Audi Gang: report

crime_scene_investigator CID Command Public Affairs Wikimedia commons

A man who was shot and killed in an apartment building in Overvecht early on Thursday morning, was 31-year-old Hakim Chengachi - a member of a well known drug family in Utrecht, his former lawyer and other sources confirmed to newspaper AD.

Many of Chengachi's family members are involved in crime, according tot he newspaper. According to "well informed sources" several of his family members are deeply involved in drug trafficking. Four of his cousins were convicted for drug trafficking last year, partly from their parent's home in Lombok. 

Chengachi's brother was killed after a failed ATM bombing in Germany early last year, the newspaper reports. He and two other young men crashed with their stolen Audi on the highway back to the Netherlands. It is believed they formed part of the so-called Audi gang. 

The perpetrators of the shooting on Thursday night managed to get away. Police closed down the apartment building on Faustdreef and the surrounding area. The forensic department is doing an extensive investigation. 

Due to this investigation, residents of the apartment building have to leave the building via a ladder from the first floor.