Dutch cops losing confidence in politicians: union

Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)

The police are facing shortages in people, resources and capabilities, making it impossible for them to do their jobs, according to police union ACP. And police officers have no more confidence that politicians will be able to tackle these problems, the union determined ina survey among 1,700 police officers, ANP reports.

"There is much talk, but little action", is the scope of the survey results. As an example the union mentions the heap of attention given to violence against officers and emergency services over New Year's. But this is a problem the police face on a daily basis, not just over New Year's. 

The union is calling on politicians to take urgent measures. According to ACP, politicians and public administration is structurally overtaxing the police organization. 

The police officers also call for a change in society's mentality. According to them, more attention should be given to values at school. More effort should be put into making school children realize the consequences of their actions. And if judges don't want to impose more severe punishments, a minimum sentence should be implemented. For example, a minor breaking the law should be financially felt by their parents. 

ACP president Gerrit van de Kamp calls on Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice to come up with structural steps for improvements. If he does not, the union will not let the matter lie, Van de Kamp said, according to ANP.