Dozens of flights cancelled at Schiphol as fog hangs over airport

Fog at Schiphol Airport, 28 Oct 2016
. Zachary Newmark / NL Times

For the third consecutive day flights are being delayed and canceled at Schiphol airport due to thick fog causing visibility problems. A spokesperson could not give exact numbers, but told that dozens of flights will be canceled today.

"A day of nuisance" is expected. "However, the outlook is somewhat better, but it remains to be seen", the spokesperson said. Around 10:00 a.m. the average delay for inbound and outbound flights was at over an hour. 

On Thursday KLM canceled 72 flights, a spokesperson for the airline said to the newspaper on Friday. Today seems to be going the same way, he said. "The bad visibility, but also the de-icing of the wings with ice on the due to the freezing fog, takes a lot of time Therefore we have to cancel flights."

Most affected passengers will be rebooked to other flights, according to KLM. "We want to ensure that everyone can come home during the holidays."