Nearly all Dutch kids celebrate Christmas

A massive 96 percent of children in the Netherlands celebrate Christmas. Slightly more than half think Christmas is the best holiday in the year, according to a survey done by NOS Jeugdjournaal.

94 percent of the participating kids think Christmas is fun, though 1 percent called it "stupid". The top five best things about Christmas, according to the kids, are being with family and friends, food, Christmas decorations, gifts and no school. The top two least favorite things are going to church and having to wear nice clothes.

Most Dutch kids, 93 percent, have a Christmas tree in the house and 61 percent of those trees are fake plastic trees. 68 percent receive gifts on Christmas.

The favorite Christmas film among kids in the Netherlands is Home Alone, followed by The Grinch, The Polar Express, Santa Claus and Frozen. All I want for Christmas is the favorite Christmas carol.