Kidnapped Amsterdam girl's dad linked to embezzlement, fraud in India

Shehzad Hemani, the father and believed kidnapper of Amsterdam 2-year-old Insiya, is als under investigation in his own country, the Telegraaf reports. He is under investigation for fraud, embezzlement and money laundering, according to the newspaper.

More than 10 complaints were made against him as the director of his company Conros Group and other companies. And on December 6th, he was officially charged with forgery, the newspaper writes.

His lawyer Gerard Spong told the newspaper that Hemani will not comment on the matter. "Client denies that he made himself guilty of any criminal offenses.

Little Insiya was taken with force from her grandmother's home in Amsterdam three months ago. A neighbor tried to stop the kidnapping and managed to detain one of the kidnappers long enough for the police to arrive. But the other two made off with the girl. The neighbor was given a medal for his efforts

The police believe that her father is behind the kidnapping and that he took her to India, something Spong confirmed with a statement about the girl "doing well".

Mother Nadia Rashid is missing her daughter terribly, especially over this Christmas period. "Last year everything was different." she said to the Telegraaf on Saturday. "Insiya really loved Christmas. She could not take her eyes off the tree. Now I know nothing about her. I only hear stories of neighbors in Mumbai, who live in the apartment building where my daughter is being held. They say that Insiya is occasionally heard crying heartbreakingly. I have to deal with that."