Aleppo vigil set for Wednesday in Amsterdam

A soldier walks among the rubble in Aleppo, Syria
A soldier walks among the rubble in Aleppo, SyriaVoice of America News / Wikimedia Commons

A vigil showing support to the people in Aleppo, Syria will be held on Amsterdam's Dam Square on Wednesday. The organizers plan to turn the square into a "sea of candles", with each participant holding one. So far over a thousand people indicated that they will attend.

"The war in Syria has been going on for too long and we can't do much to change it", the organizers write on the Facebook event page Stand with Aleppo. "But what we can do and will do, is show support to the people. Let's peacefully come together and stand in solidarity with the victims and people in Aleppo. Let's show our government that we do car and that they need to do something."

The vigil will start at 8:00 p.m. The organizers emphasize that this is a spontaneous event, and that there will be no speeches. "But there will be candles! Bring as much as you can and let's create light in the darkness."

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 366 rebels in Aleppo surrendered and laid down their weapons in the last day, Het Parool reports. During the same time nearly 6 thousand residents fled the city. 

But now the cease-fire in the city seems to have come to an end. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Wednesday morning that fierce fighting between the rebels and the government army started up again. "The fighting is fierce and the bombing heavy, it seems that everything is finished", the Ovseratory said. Air attacks also resumed.

Buses that were standing ready to evacuate residents from eastern Aleppo, left without passengers. According to ANP, this indicates that the agreement to evacuate civilians and rebels is no longer holding.