Dutch cops seize 14,000 kilos of illegal fireworks

So far the Dutch police seized 14 thousand kilograms of illegal fireworks, according to the Public Prosecutor's weekly fireworks barometer which started up in the second week of October. By this time last year, the police already seized over 32 thousand kilograms of illegal fireworks, ANP reports.

The Public Prosecutor thinks the decrease can be explained by the trade in illegal fireworks starting up later this year than usual. A number of previously illegal fireworks were also classified legal this year. 

The police did intercept significantly more packages containing illegal fireworks from abroad than in previous years. These packages contained illegal fireworks like cobras, mortars and nitrate bombs. While the police and distribution companies monitor packages, it is impossible to check each and every package. The police therefore reiterate the danger of illegal fireworks.

A call for banning consumer fireworks gained steam in the Netherlands over the past year, according to NU.nl. Last year nearly 700 organizations signed a petition for banning consumer fireworks in exchange for municipal fireworks displays on New Year's Eve. It mostly involved umbrella organizations for doctors and nurses, who deal with the consequences of fireworks accidents on a yearly basis. Animal welfare organizations, child welfare organizations and political parties including GroenLinks, PvdD, 50Plus, SGP and local factions of the PvdA and D66 also joined the call.