Int'l graduates provide €1.6 billion annually to Dutch economy

Students (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Nehajgautam )Students (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Nehajgautam )

International studnets who stay and work in the Netherlands after graduating provide 1.57 billion euros per year to the Dutch economy, according to calculations by EP-Nuffic based on figures from the government. An estimated 25 percent of international graduates stay in the Netherlands for the restof their lives, ANP reports.

Almost 75 thousand international sstudents are registered for a full degree at a Dutch university of college. Tey have 161 different nationalities.

Of the international students who graduated in 2008, 2009 and 2010, respectively 42 percent, 38 percent and 36 percent still lived in the Netherlands five years after graduating. Their employment rates and salaries are about the same as their Dutch peers.