Rent in Dutch private sector keep increasing

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Rents in the private sector in the Netherlands increased again in the third quarter. The average rent increased by 6.2 percent, compared to the same quarter last year, letting agent Pararius reported on Friday, according to the Telegraaf.

The average rent rose from 13.27 euros per square meter in 2015 to 14.11 euros per square meter. According to Pararius director Jasper de Groot, the increase can partly be attributed to a shortage of rental housing for people with mid level incomes in the Randstad.

Rents increased most stronly in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Utrecht. The third quarter showed a growht spurt in the province of Groningen, where rents were 16.8 percent higher than in the same quarter last yera. In the city of Groningen rents increased by 11.5 percent to 14.35 euros per square meter on average.