Amsterdam offers support to 10,000 low income residents with high rents

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Amsterdam is offering support to 10 thousand residents who have a low income, but relatively high rent, the municipality announced in a press release on Wednesday. The city is dedicating 3.5 million euros per year for the next three years to this.

"We see that Amsterdammmers increasingly often end up in financial troubles because their fixed costs are simply too high. With this arrangement, we can help a bit", Social Affairs alderman Arjan Vliegenhart said. 

For the year 2016 the municipality will pay a contribution to the rent of about 10 thousand Amsterdam residents who have an income of up to 120 percent of the social minimum and live in social housing with a high rent relative to their income. From nxt year the Amsterdam housing association will manage the arrangement. 

"Together with the corporations I am workking on a structural solution fr Amsterdammers with low incomes and high housing costs", Housing alderman Laurens Ivens said. "This is sorely needed, because everyone should be able to live in Amsterdam, regardless of the thickness of your wallet."