Dutch can expect higher energy bill next year

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After three years of lower gas and electricity prices, the Netherlands can expect an increase in their energy bill next year, according to research by comparison site ricewise.nl. Next year the average household with variable energy can expect to pay 20 euros per year more, NOS reports.

Pricewise.nl based its calculations on a survey of energy companies Essent, Eneco and Nuon as well as energy suppliers and purchasers. 

Currently the energy bill for an average household - 3,500 kWh electricity and 1,500 m3 gas - is about 131 euros per month. That is 200 euros per year lower than in early 2014. But that's about to change, according to Pricewise.nl. "We foresee a turnaround for 2017", director Hans Kok said, according to NOS. "The fun is out and we reached the valley of low energy prices."

The comparison site attributes the price increase to international gas and electricity production and the increased economic activity resulting in more demand for gas and electricity from companies.