Cold winter's week ahead for the Netherlands

The Netherlands can expect low temperatures more reminiscent of January than early November this week, according to Weeronline. Frost will appear in most places and there may even be some wet snow.

Today there will be a number of showers that can be accompanied by hail. There may be some sunshine during the afternoon, but it will be paired with a cold north-easterly wind. Afternoon temperatures will be around 6 or 7 degrees. Only Zeeland may reach 8 degrees

Tuesday and Wednesday will be even colder, with afternoon temperatures around 5 degrees expected. Groningen may not even make it to 3 degrees. Most places are expected to remain dry, but if there is rain it may turn into wet shown.

According to Weeronline, this sit he first time since 2003 that winter arrives in the Netherlands this early. Last year and the year before autumn was very mild, with some days even reaching 20 degrees in the south of the country. In 2003 the first winter cold hit the Netherlands in late October. The last time early November was tis cold was in 1997. "Climate change really heated up autumn", Weeronline writes.