Finance Min.: KLM's independence still "safe as houses"

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KLM's independence will not be compromised by the new strategy for Air France-KLM that CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac is presenting early next month, Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem of Finance assured parliament after several dais of intensive discussions with the CEO, NOS reports.

During these discussions Dijsselbloem and State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Infrastructure made quiteclear that the existing agreements between the French and Dutch airlines should not be compromised. "We emphatically brought the Dutch interests to their attention. The agreements are quite clear", Dijsselbloem said. "The agreements are safe as houses."

Jannailac is presenting his new strategic plan in early November. Reports in the media raised large concerns among parliamentarians about what this plan will mean for KLM. There were reports that KLM will lose its independence and that some KLM flights will be transferred to Paris.

Dijsselbloem did not tell parliament exactly what was said in the conersations. He pointed out that Air France-KLM is a private and publicly traded company and that the Dutch state only hods a small share. He did stress that the talks went well and that he has "great expectations" for this CEO.

Dijksma added that KLM's interests is a priority in the cabinet.