VVD: No minimum age for "full life" assisted suicide

The VVD is very much against setting a minimum age to qualify for euthanasia after a full or completed life. In a parliamentary debate on the government's plan, VVD parliamentarian Arno Rutte called it inappropriate because it would make people who reach that age feel uncomfortable with the idea that their lives are now "complete", the Telegraaf reports.

The Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, is debating the government's plan to allow assisted suicide at a completed life on Wednesday. The current Euthanasia Act only allows euthanasia to people who are seriously ill and therefore experiencing unberable and hopeless suffering. The government also wants to allow euthanasia to people who aren't sick, but feel that they've come to the end of their full lives. In practice this will mostly involve elderly peopole. 

A majority in the Tweede Kamer is enthusiastic about the plan, but all believe that strict measures must be in place. The details of the law must still be worked out. But the Kamer wanted the chance to discuss the proposal with Public Health Minister Edith Schippers.

Christian party SGP is strongly opposed to the government's plan. While the party isn't completely against the idea of choosing for yourself, the SGP does wonder whether it is possible to make such a life and death decision legally and ethically. 

D66 parliamentarian Pia Dijkstra is in favor of the plan. She is happy that people soon no longer have to end their lives "illegally". And she believes it is possible under the law, as was already proven with the implementation of the euthanasia law. "There is no reason to believe that we can not arrange this." she said according to the newspaper. 


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