Illegal fireworks in German bunkers destined for Dutch market

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The German authorities confiscated 40 thousand kilograms of illegal fireworks believed to be destined for the Dutch market. The fireworks were found in bunkers in the Kleef area, just over the border from Nijmegen, which were raided at the request of the Dutch Public Prosecutor. While the German authorities were raiding bunkers, the Dutch police raided homes in Nieuwegein, Vianen, Arcen and Well. There they confiscated 2,500 kilos of illegal fireworks and arrested three people. They are suspected of trading in illegal fireworks, the Public Prosecutor announced. In the bunkers the German authorities found 4,400 Cobra's 6 and 8's, 5,900 Shells, Flowerbeds and Chinese rolls. The bunkers also contained illegal cigarettes. An ongoing investigation led the Dutch authorities to the bunkers. The fireworks stored there were intended to be sold to individuals. Sellers and clients met in a restaurant on the Dutch side of the border. The police believe that the seller takes the car of the customer and drives from the restaurant to the bunker. There the car is loaded with fireworks and then delivered back to the customer, who brings it further into the Netherlands.