Another 15 Dutch added to national terrorism list

Bert Koenders (Photo: Commons)Bert Koenders (Photo: Commons)

Another 15 names were added to the Netherlands' national terrorism list on Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. Their assets were frozen to make it more difficult for them to fund or participate in terrorist activities, the Telegraaf reports.

There are now 76 Dutch individuals and three organizations on the terrorism list. According to the newspaper, most of the people on the list are involved in terrorist activities in Syria and Iraq.

The government freezes the assets of those on the list, which means they can not access their bank accounts or other forms of money. It is also illegal for friends, family, companies and other organizations to give them money. Doing so anyway can result in a fine or even a prison sentence.

The national terrorism list is intended to prevent terrorist activities being funded from the Netherlands. The list is also shared with other European Union member states. "It is important that our European partners also know which persons form a terrorist threat and whose assets must be frozen", according to Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs.


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