Q-Fever victims demand compensation from Dutch government

Some 300 Q-fever patients are suing the Dutch government for compensation. They feel the government waited too long to take action after the disease broke out on a goat farm in Herpen, Brabant in 2007. The trial starts in the court in The Hague today, NOS reports. 

The 2007 Q-fever outbreak in Brabant is the largest recorded outbreak in the world. Over 4 thousand people were diagnosed with the disease. The actual number of patients is expected to be in the tens of thousands. A total of since 2007. Q-fever is usually transmitted to humans from goats.

"For years the government did not tell us about the dangers of Q-fever and the places where it was dangerous", one of he victims Bert Brunninkhuis said to the broadcaster. "I lost my job and I am still not healthy. I'm often tired and have problems with my body. Problems I may never get rid of."

He feels its unacceptable that the government compensated goat farmers, but ignored patients. "A girl of 14, a man aged 74 and  woman of 56. They all suffered and incurred damages by the government's failure. That should be compensated."