Seven arrested for fight at Feyenoord-Willem II match

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The police arrested a total of seven people in the aftermath of a rival fan fight in the Tilburg stadium during a match between Willem II and Feyenoord. Two were arrested for a fight in the stadium during the match, the other five for refusing to follow police officers after the match. On of the later arrested suspects was the victim in the fight inside the stadium, the police said in a statement. 

During the match, Willem II fans noticed that there were Feyenoord fans in their stands, according to the police. They started a fight ending in one of the fans being thrown over the railing into the security moat.

After the match the police quickly arrested on suspect. A second suspect turned himself in. More arrests may follow.

Some time later on Sunday a call went out among Feyenoord supporters to find those involved in the stadium brawl. The police immediately sent out a call for Feyenoord and Willem II supporters to stay away from Tilburg's entertainment area and most of them gave heed.

A small number of fans of both clubs still showed up. The police ordered them to leave, but they refused. Five were arrested - three Feyenoord supporters and two Willem II supporters. Among them was the man who went over the railing during the fight in the stadium.

According to the police, he did not want to identify himself or press charges and behaved recalcitrant towards the police.