Hazing sends Groningen student to hospital

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An aspiring member of Groningen student association Vindicat ended up in hospital after he was hit on the head during hazing, the rector of the association confirmed to NRC. Rector Stijn Derksen called it a "regrettable incident" and said that the University of Groningen was informed.

According to the newspaper, the first year student was hit on his head during hazing and sustained a cerebral edema. It is unclear whether he sustained permanent damage. According to Derksen, he is doing well and became a member of Vindicat.

Six senior students were suspended after the incident and Vindicat launched an investigation. The results are expected in two weeks. "Once the facts of the investigation are clear, we will determine our position in this case and whether and what actions we deem necessary", the association said in a statement.

Vindicat also made headlines last week after a so-called "bang list" featuring the names, numbers and photographs of female students surfaced on the internet. The association suspended a group of 13 members for this.