Dozens of layoffs at RNW Media

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RNW Media in Hilversum is getting rid of two thirds of its employees in a major reorganization that starts in October. A massive 61 of the broadcaster's 91 employees will have to find new employment, including managing director Robert Zaal, NOS reports. 

RNW Media began the process of becoming an NGO in 2010. As part of this process, the company is trying to reach young people in countries where freedom of speech is under pressure. This means that RNW needs an international structure with local centers that can reach the young people in question. Part of the activities currently in the Netherlands are therefore being transferred to other countries where the company is active.

The unions and the company agreed on a social plan for the employees affected by this round of layoffs.

According to NOS, RNW is still getting a yearly subsidy until 2020, though the amount is getting smaller each year. After 2020 there will be no more permanent subsidies for the company, and it will have to compete for subsidies that are awarded on project basis like other NGOs.