Investigation: Rotterdam's Islamic univ. refuses to cooperate

The Islamic University Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Timelezz). (The Islamic University Rotterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Timelezz))

The Islamic University of Rotterdam announced earlier this week that it will no longer cooperate with the NAVO investigation into the quality of the institution, Education Minister Jet Bussemaker said in a parliamentary debate on the institution on Thursday, ANP reports.

NAVO, the watchdog for higher education, launched another investigation into the institution because of rector Ahmet Akgunduz repeatedly making hateful and discriminatory remarks. Bussemaker stated that the actions of the rector are in conflict with Dutch values and norms. A rector does have a lot of academic freedom as figurehead of an institution, but it goes with great responsibility, she said.

As Minister, Bussemaker can currently not do much about the situation due to current legislation. She is working on an amendment that will make it possible for the government to intervene if an educational institution does not perform its task of "promoting social responsibility."