VVD Senator: PVV more dangerous than fascists

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In some ways the PVV is more dangerous than former fascist party NSB, VVD Senator Dr. Sybe Schaap said in an interview with Trouw. According to him, Geert Wilders' party is not getting enough resistance. "This is a dangerous trend", he said to the newspaper.

"In the time of the NSB everyone had his own strong ideology.. Socialists, Protestants, Catholics and liberals. They knew they could simply not be part of the NSB due to their own ideology. But ideologies do not exist anymore." the senator and philosopher said to the newspaper in an interview about his new book Rechstaat in verval (Rule of law in decline in English), which publishes this week.

In the book Schaap writes that "Wilders rules as a Fuhrer such as even that Nazis never knew". "Of course I do not mean that Wilders is a mass murderer like Hitler, but that he with his party sets down a dangerous structure. If Wilders comes to power, it could get very nasty. A dictatorship? Could easily happen. The PVV is in itself a dictatorship." he said.

According to Schaap, Wilders is sawing at the foundations of the Dutch rule of law by constantly ridiculing democratic institutions - fraudulent parliament, fraudulent parliamentarians, fraudulent judges.

This is not the first time Schaap is comparing Wilders and the PVV with the NSB. In his previous book in 2012 the VVD senator accused the PVV of using the NSB tactic of playing on popular resentment.