Reporter Jan Roos to lead political party VNL

Jan Roos (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Roy van Ingen)Jan Roos (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Roy van Ingen)

GeenStijl reporter Jan Roos is to be the new leader of political party VoorNederland (VNL), he announced in a sort video on GeenStijl on Monday. The VNL confirmed it on Twitter.

Roos is succeeding lawyer Bram Moszkowics as leader of the party. The VNL decided to drop the former lawyer in January because he wasn't devoted enough to politics.

The VNL currently has two seats in parliament, occupied by former PVV parliamentarians Joram van Klaveren and Louis Bontes, according to The two formed the VNL in April 2014 after leaving the PVV.

The VNL presents itself as an alternative for the PVV and VVD with a "classical liberal sound". Among other things, the party advocates closing the borders to asylum seekers and pushing more money into Defense and the police.