Dutch institutions received €4.9 million from U.S. billionaire

George Soros (Photo: Sebastian Derungs/Wikimedia Commons). (George Soros (Photo: Sebastian Derungs/Wikimedia Commons))

Documents leaked from the Open Society Foundations - a number of foundations belonging to American billionaire George Soros - revealed that Soros paid 4.9 million euros to Dutch foundations, charities and think tanks between 2009 and 2014, NOS reports.

The fact that Soros is a major contributor to many nonprofit organizations through his Open Society Foundation is not new information. But the leaked documents revealed the amounts involved.

Dutch institutions that received money from the American billionaire include ProDemos and Kieskompas, both of which release polls during elections. Pro-Euroepan organization AEGEE, which is present in most Dutch university towns, and the 'yes' campaign in the Dutch referendum on an association agreement between the Ukraine and EU also got money from Soros.

The American billionaire also pushed money into organizations active in the fields of anti-discrimination and human rights. Amnesty International Netherlands received over $250 thouand from Soros' Open Society Foundations and the Discrimination Hotly got nearly $50 thousand. Several Muslim organizations in Amsterda and Rotterdam and the Anne Frank House also received money.

George Soros, 86, was born in Hungary and moved to the united states in 1956. He was a successful stockbroker and managed several hedge funds, according to NOS. He is known as a great philanthropist  who feels connected to his Jewish background. This can also be seen through donations made through his Open Society Foundations.

Soros is known to be pro-European, pro-democracy and anti-corruption. He is against radical globalization and maintains close ties with the Democratic Party in the United States.