Dutch gymnast kicked off Olympic team at trainer's request

Yuri van Gelder (Photo: @yvangelder/Twitter)Yuri van Gelder (Photo: @yvangelder/Twitter)

Gymanst Yuri van Gelder was put out off the Dutch Olympic team and sent home at the express request of his trainer Bram van Bokhoven, the trainer said in an interview with the Telegraaf on Friday. "Yuri went against everything we as Gymnastics Federation stand for", he said. 

Sports umbrella organization NOC*NSF sent the 33-year-old Dutchman home after he left the Olympic village without permission on Saturday night and spent the night partying. That means that he'll miss the finals on rings.

"Unauthorized leave, drinking alcohol, coming home late, missing a workout. And all that while he still has a final ahead. That to me is very serious. That means that you won't do your best. In an Olympic final!" Van Bokhoven said to the newspaper.

Van Gelder hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against NOC*NSF in an attempt to get back into the Olympics and take his spot in the finals. The case appears in court at 11:15 a.m. this morning and a ruling is expected today.