German police arrest two suspected of killing missing Amsterdammer

The police in the German town of Nodhorn believe that missing Amsterdam man Juan Antonio Alvarez was murdered, even though no body has been found yet. On Monday the German authorities searched a house in the town that was until recently occupied by three Dutch, who are suspects in Alvarez' murder, AT5 reports.

It is believed that Alvarez and the three suspects were all involved in running a cannabis plantation found in the house in May. Two suspects were arrested on Monday, two men aged 48 and 22 both from the Netherlands. A third man, age 60, is still on the run.

Alvarez was last seen on May 11th. His car was found a short time later abandoned at a parking place for electrical cars on Minervalaan, even though the black Mercedes is not an electric car.

Last week the police called for witnesses or anyone with information about the 50-year-old Alvarez' whereabouts. The police are very worried about his well being, as he has heart problems and is dependent on medication. "He is known as a kind and caring man. It's not like him to keep so long out of touch. His family are very concerned", a police spokesperson said at the time. Nothing was mentioned about his possible involvement in drug trafficking.


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