New 60-meter high Rotterdam ferris wheel to serve food & drinks

A Skyview Attractions ferris wheel (Photo: Skyview Attractions)A Skyview Attractions ferris wheel (Photo: Skyview Attractions)

If all goes according to plan, Rotterdam will soon have a 60 meter high ferris wheel next to the Erasmus Bridge that will serve as a restaurant, Perry Oerlemans of Skyview, the prospective builder, said to the Telegraaf.

The ferris wheel with have 40 enclosed gondolas, from within which visitors can have something to eat, something to drink, or simply enjoy the view. It will be in place for five years. The Rotterdam municipality is enthusiastic about the plan, according to the newspaper.

But before anything can happen, Skyview will first have conversations with local residents, many of whom are worried about disturbances and inconvenience. "We're going to first talk to the district before we apply for a license."

Oerlemans is confident that they will be able to put residents concerns to rest at a specially arranged information evening. "It won't be just a fairground attraction, that appearance it will definitely not have."