Dutch Icederby gets international approval; first to happen March 2017

Speed skating (Photo: Maganetti Cristian/Wikimedia Commons)Speed skating (Photo: Maganetti Cristian/Wikimedia Commons)

The International Skating Union (ISU) approved the request for a Dutch Icederby, on the condition that there will be no gambling on the events. The first edition of the Dutch Icederby Grand Prix will be held in March next year, NU.nl reports.

Getting ISU approval was a joint effort by the Dutch union KNSB and South Korean company Icderby Int'L. "Icederby Int'L and KNSB are delighted, because so we can work together on the global promotion and innovation of speed skating", the KNSB said in a press release on Thursday.

During the Icederby, long-track and short-track speed skaters will compete against each other. The aim is to make skating more attractive and interesting to the public.

A 220 meter big skating rink will be built in the Gelredome in Arnhem. The first Dutch Icederby is set tot take place on the weekend of March 24th to 26th.