Rotterdam Carnival: Leave backpacks at home

Rotterdam Unlimited (Photo: @RdamUnlimited/Twitter)Rotterdam Unlimited (Photo: @RdamUnlimited/Twitter)

The organizers of the Summer Carnival in Rotterdam ask attendees to leave their backpacks at home if they want to attend the annual parade on Saturday,  festival director Guus Dutrieux writes on the event's website. 

"For your and our security, random checks will be conducted. To avoid unnecessary delays, we ask everyone to not bring a backpack to the event and to fully cooperate in any checks on bags, coolers and the like", Dutrieux writes.

According to the director, he's received many questions about security following terrorist attacks in Nice and Orlando. "At present there is no specific threat and there are no signs that Rotterdam Unlimited and Summer Carnival will be disturbed in any way."

The Summer Carnival street parade is part of Rotterdam Unlimited - a five day cultural festival that started in the city on Tuesday.